The Amazon - Negro River

The Amazon – Negro River

Meeting the largest river basin in the World and its mysterious atmosphere…

This is a trip for those willing to go deep into the most remote and preserved areas of the largest rainforest in our Planet.

The Amazon has beautiful landscapes found only here, with the colors of the sky mixed with its black water and the dark green of giant trees. Navigate through Amazonas state, going west, deep into beautiful National Parks and in the heart of the forest.

The sounds in the night and the silence during a canoe paddle in the morning, the scent of the fresh air and the taste of the exotic fruits, this is a trip to listen, feel and understand nature and yourself in it.

Enjoy the safety and comfort of a small cruise, with private cabins, that allows visitation in the most remote areas, starting where all the other cruises stop: Anavilhanas National Park and up to Jaú National Park (in 5 days) or Xixuaú Extractivist Reserve (8 days).

Pictures: Josângela Jesus and André Zumak.


Negro River

The Amazonas River Basin is the world’s largest river in terms of discharge (it has 20% of all free-flowing fresh water on Earth) and is the second longest river, right after the Nile.

For reference, the Amazon’s daily freshwater discharge into the Atlantic Ocean is enough to supply New York City’s freshwater needs for nine years. Negro River, is responsible for a great amount of that water, together with another 1.100 tributaries, such as Solimões, Madeira and Tapajós.

Negro River has over 1.700km extension and differently from the muddy Solimões and the clear-green Tapajós, Negro is a black water river but not polluted at all. The color of the water is black due to a range of reasons: temperature, flow, pressure and the organic material from the tree´s leaves, that are deposited in large quantities in the river bed every day.

Did you know? For all the reasons that makes the Negro River water black, also makes it very acid and this condition is bad for mosquitoes to reproduce. That means that all around Negro River there are very few mosquitoes and consequently, fewer cases of malaria, yellow fever and other tropical diseases transmitted by infected mosquitoes. 

The Manaus Opera House

The master piece of local history in the capital, Manaus, from the late XIX century, during the “rubber boom”.

The Amazon was in the eyes of the world due to the rubber extraction, mostly because of the automobilist industry and the tire´s need of a developing society in the US and Europe.

Manaus had its glory period for few years and then ended up in poverty when English managed to plant the rubber trees in Malasya, Sri Lanka and Africa, with much cheaper prices and much closer to Europe than the Brazilian Amazon.

Beautiful work of art can be seen in the Theater, such as the roofing tiles that came from Alsace, France, furnishings in the style of Louis XV imported from Paris, stairs, statues and columns made of Carrarra marble from Italy and the steel walls from England.

The theater faced major renovations and keeps its well-preserved condition still hosting performances nowadays.

Negro River

In the middle of the beautiful Negro River, facing Novo Airão, the last city reached in a 200km road from the capital, Manaus, a special National Park can be found:

Anavilhanas is the second largest river archipelago in the world, with over 400 islands of lush green vegetation (and the first one is just some kilometers up in the same river, Mariuá Archipelago, with 700 islands).

Besides the stunning view from above, which makes the effort of a hydroplane flight really worth, going for a speedboat tour through the islands is a magical experience.

Crossing the islands, when it´s flooded, or just passing from large to narrow channels, while looking for wildlife, is absolutely unique.  

Jaú National Park

While Anavilhanas National Park is located in the last city that can be reached by car from Manaus, Jaú National Park can only be reached in a 2-day boat expedition!

This is where the Amazon heart keeps the most stunning sunrises and sunsets, but also where it´s most likely to spot wildlife and feel the remote atmosphere of the rainforest.

The best way to enjoy the Amazon is, no doubt, by a boat expedition.

The calm black water that gets agitated by the storms, the colors of the sky with the deep green vegetation, are all part of an invitation to look inside and explore all the connections between us, nature and wilderness.

Airão Velho (Old Airão)

The Amazon version of the Angkor city, Airão Velho (Old Airão), keeps the secrets of the rubber period and the riverside community´s culture in a beautiful scenario of nature embracing the historical buildings.

This was once a big community and wealthy city, but after the rubber boom declining, was left for the ants. During the late XIX century, many foreigners and people from other states in Brazil came to those regions, going deep into the Amazon in the search for rubber trees.

That´s when they mixed with local indigenous communities and even had intervention from missionaries, transforming the local riverside communities into their culture today.


Negro River Cruise 5 days: Anavilhanas + Jaú National Parks

The river cruise is the best option to really go deep into The Amazon.

We work with small cruises, with local experts, which allows visiting the most remote areas. Just to have an idea, we start our cruise where all the other cruises reach, in Anavilhanas National Park.

Going up Negro River passing Old Airão and reaching Jaú National Park. This is the perfect itinerary for those willing to see the Amazon for the first time and to combine with other destinations in Brazil.

Negro River Cruise 8 days: Anavilhanas + Jaú + Xixuaú – I want to go deep!

For those willing to go deeper into The Amazon experience, this cruise will take you besides Jaú National Park all the way up to Roraima State (close to Venezuela´s border) in a closer contact with the communities along the riverside.

An unusual school, held by an Italian and a Scotish teachers, a very special contact with the kids living in such a remote area of the Amazon. Reaching Xixuaú Extractivist Reserve, where wildlife is more likely to be seen in an unique experience.


Tailor Made – I want to go wild!

In case you want to do something completely different from the options above, such as a Jungle Survival experience or to add a birdwatching activity, please let us know! We can prepare an exclusive itinerary for your wishes.

Picture: Rupicula rupicula – André Zumak


More info about your trip

When is the best season?

In the Amazon, rain is life and even the sky is a floating river!

The World of water receives a lot of rain, but it is usually a half an hour or one hour pouring rain every day, which doesn´t compromise the tours (most of the times).

Important to understand that the Amazon has two very different scenarios during the year and each of them has its own magical and special felling: during the high river season (May to August), the igapós arise, flooding the trees canopy and allowing canoe tours in these places; during the low river season (November to February), the white sand beaches emerge and become beautiful places to enjoy nature around. 

You can try this destination in both occasions to know which one you prefer!

We recommend all year long.

How to get there

Airport: Manaus, Amazonas State Capital.

From the airport, a 200km transfer will take you crossing the Negro River bridge (3.595m) towards the small city of Novo Airão. This is the last paved road, that leads to the last city reachable by car, in the margins of Negro River. From there, only by boat or hydroplane to explore further.

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Brazil has a lot of endemic birds and we prepare those special itineraries for those willing to see the most beautiful and rare ones! With high specialized guides, the right lodgings and the perfect trip design for birdwatchers.

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