It´s only when we hear a rare bird´s sound and see its color that we feel that all the effort of crossing half of the world was absolutely worth it! Those special creatures are capable to light up our spirit with only a silent landing close to our attentive eyes. Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment and of course, with the best specialized guide. We know exactly the needs for a birdwatching experience to be as it should: a great life-list encounters with all the information you want! Choose to include birdwatching day-trips to your trip in Brazil or to go deep and enjoy birdwatching itineraries in many destinations and different biomes.

Main picture: Rupicula rupicula – André Zumak.



Encompassing the world’s largest tropical wetland area and one of the 27 Ramsar Site´s in Brazil, Pantanal is the best place in America to see wildlife – only second after Africa in the World. Aside from big animals such as the caymans and jaguars, the birds and amazing storks are the ones taking a smile from you every time you look outside and see a giant nest of a Jabiru or the colorful Roseate spoonbill flying over the river during sunrise. 

Atlantic Rainforest

When Portuguese colonists arrived in Brazil in the 16th century, they found this exuberant luch green vegetation, the Atlantic Rainforest, from south to north of the country and in great extensions inland. Nowadays, less than 7% remains from this biome, mostly preserved in protected areas, keeping endemic and rare birds such as the Amazona vinacea (purple chest parrot) and many other beautiful birds.

The Amazon

The largest rainforest in our Planet is the home of many bird species. Its mysterious environment keeps incredible encounters for the quietest observer.  The Nightjars are a gift for those who can spot them and the Tucans can show up in dozens during sunset. The Guianan cock-of-the-rock must be pursued in the caves and arenas, but it´s worth every minute to see this amazing bird and its colors.


Also one of the two kinds of Brazilian savannah, Caatinga means the “white forest” due to its very dry vegetation, similar to a desert in some aspects, encompassing the inland portion of the country´s northeast. It suffers with long droughts during the year, but once the rain season comes around November to March it becomes a green season with cactus flourishing. While enjoying the panoramic views of the mountains, valleys and waterfalls, it´s possible to encounter a Helmeted manakin, hawks and colorful hamming birds.


One of the two kinds of Brazilian savannah, Cerrado is an important biome where many water sources are hidden underground. Also facing less than 25% of its original vegetation coverage, due mostly to cattle and agribusiness monoculture, this biome encompasses important protected areas and wildlife in the heart of Brazil. Many endemic birds such as the beautiful Seriemas and animals in danger of extinction are found here, such as the Giant anteater and the Maned wolf.


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When is the best season?

It depends a lot on the destinations you choose. But Pantanal and Chapada dos Guimarães are must-go destination for birders and the other destinations such as the Atlantic Rainforest and The Amazon are recommended all year long. So we can take the best season of Pantanal and Chapada dos Guimarães as our recommendation: from May to September, during dry season in Cerrado biome.

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Other Destinations

Choose and combine many destinations in your trip to Brazil! We´ve designed short-term itineraries, so you can add more destinations in a single trip and long-term itineraries, so you can go deep in those you want the most.

The Amazon Negro River

If navigating in the most remote and preserved areas of the Amazon is your dream, this is the trip to choose. Adventure yourself in the largest river basin in the world, with nothing but the colors of the sky, the black river and the deep green vegetation.

The Amazon Tapajós River

The largest rainforest in the world and its inhabitants wait for you for a lifetime expedition! Dance with the local music Carimbó, go deep in a trail to see a giant tree, get to know the indigenous community Munduruku and their fight for the forest.

Iguaçu Falls

One of the largest falls in the world and a must-see place for all nature lovers! In the border between Brazil and Argentina, the spectacle of 275 waterfalls makes this National Park an unique place to be visited in South America.

Rio de Janeiro & Tijuca

Tijuca National Park is the largest urban forest in the world! Get inside and leave the vibrant Rio de Janeiro behind, but still in the middle of the city. See the Marvelous City in a beautiful perspective: a panoramic view from above the mountains, with the lush green vegetation and the beaches below you.

Chapada Diamantina

An African rooted culture, diamonds mining history and outstanding landscape. This National Park is considered the best trekking destination in Brazil and if you like mountains, valleys, clear water caves and waterfalls, that´s what you´re looking for!

Chapada dos Veadeiros

With easy access and connection between destinations, this National Park is a great opportunity to enjoy trails in the mountains with stunning landscape and beautiful waterfalls.

Chapada dos Guimarães & Pantanal

The best wildlife expedition in Brazil! The nest of hundreds of species of birds, coloring its mountains, and many other animals, like the jaguars. Explore this rocky National Park and the largest wetlands in the world.


Brazil has a lot of endemic birds and we prepare those special itineraries for those willing to see the most beautiful and rare ones! With high specialized guides, the right lodgings and the perfect trip design for birdwatchers.

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