Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina National Park

In the heart of the Bahia state, an African rooted culture area of Brazil, this National Park embraces many attractions as no other. Considered by many specialists as the best trekking destination of the country, Chapada Diamantina has amazing panoramic views of the mountains and valleys, crossings for real trekking lovers, caves with clear-crystal water and beautiful waterfalls, reached only by intermediate and hard level hiking. Besides all nature spectacles, the small and charming historic cities from the diamonds mining period in the XIX century, have the lively nightlife with music and restaurants with local food to enjoy after a long hiking during the day.


Pati Valley

Considered, by many specialists in Brazil, as the best trekking destination in the country! The Valley is in the middle of the National Park and the crossing can be done in 3 to 5 days (or more), going up and down the valleys and mountains, with many panoramic views and surprises like Morro do Castelo, a beautiful cave on top of a mountain; Cachoeirão, a valley with dozens of waterfalls; black water rivers and much more. But the highlight must be the community and their hospitality with the trekkers. Allowing visitors to walk without carrying heavy camp gear and all the food for the trekking, the community receive people in their home and prepare local organic food. A very pleasant stay and cultural experience.

Fumaça Waterfall

Fumaça Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Brazil that is accessible in a single day hike. With 340m height, this waterfall has amazing views during all year long, when the water flow is heavy during rain season and when the water sprays back in the valley, due to its height and less volume, becoming a smoke curtain, which is why it has the name “fumaça” meaning “smoke”. The hike has 12km total, reaching its top in a 2:30 hour trail, to enjoy the beautiful abyss and the valley panoramic view. It´s also possible to reach this waterfall from the bottom, which is a 3 days wild trekking and 36km through the valleys and mountains.

Pai Inácio Mountain (view from the top)

This prominent mountain, facing the north face of the National Park and in the geodesic center of Bahia Estate, has one of the most beautiful panoramic landscapes of this destination. An easy trail uphill takes you to this flat mountain top with 1150m altitude. From there, the view of the valleys and other mountains around, like Camelo and Morrão, guarantee a stunning experience.

Buracão Waterfall

No doubt this is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Brazil! Buracão, which means “big hole” in Portuguese, is an absolutely beautiful geological formation that makes you feel like inside a surrealism painting. The canyons walls are like melting orange rocks and the waterfall is a 100m fall inside this narrow hole. Really worth the distance to enjoy it, once this waterfall is in the extreme south of the National Park. If you are a photography lover, know that great pictures can be taken in this scenario.

Poço Azul (Blue Cave)

Not many places on Earth can provide this kind of experience: a snorkeling inside a clear-crystal water cave that looks like a hidden paradise just beneath our feet! The first steps going down the stairs to the cave, may seem not that much, but once you reach the water and find the right angle to spot outside light getting inside the cave, is when you realize that this is how paradise may look like. Besides the beautiful sunlight that gets inside the cave from April to September, this is the cave where the bones of a Giant Sloth, from thousands of years, were found! Watch the video about this paleontological research here:


5 days/4 nights – Highlights and add other destinations in your trip

The short-term itinerary is perfect for those willing to add many destinations in a single trip to Brazil. We have special care with those itineraries, so you can enjoy the best highlights and combine it with other destinations in Brazil.

10 days/9 nights – I want to go deep!

If you have decided that this is the National Park you want to go deeper and spend more time of your trip or even go only to this destination, this is the itinerary to choose! A slower pace to enjoy a relaxing time, all the highlights included, plus the hidden treasures.

Taylor Made

In case you loved this National Park so much or you have been here already and would like to know which kind of very different and wild adventure we can offer you, we can schedule a call and start a taylor made experience! Here are our hidden diamonds, for those willing to spend more time in wild trekkings or special activities (like rock climbing) – that require experience – and to reach the most remote attractions. 

More info about your trip

When is the best season?

Chapada Diamantina National Park is recommended all year long. This is a very dry kind of climate and vegetation; the rains are expected from November to February or March. During rainy season is no problem to go on the trails (just be prepared with a rain coat), this is a good time to enjoy the waterfalls, when they are full of water. From April to October sunny days are almost every day guaranteed and very pleasant to enjoy. A special sun light comes inside the crystal-clear water caves from April to September.


How to get there

Airport: Salvador, the state capital.

From Salvador, it´s possible to take another small flight to Lençois airport. The small city that it´s the main entrance for the National Park. However, Lençois airport is very small and operates only on Thursdays and Sundays, with the short-term flight to/from Salvador (45-minute flight).

Second option is upon arrival in Salvador airport, a transfer will take you to the bus station, for a 7-hour bus travel to Lençois (450 km).

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Chapada Diamantina

An African rooted culture, diamonds mining history and outstanding landscape. This National Park is considered the best trekking destination in Brazil and if you like mountains, valleys, clear water caves and waterfalls, that´s what you´re looking for!

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